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eStoreMedia is the leader in end-to-end eCommerce performance measurement, and content management and delivery, for consumer goods brands. Our team of marketing, eCommerce, and technology experts, with more than 15 years’ industry experience, designed the eCommerce Perfect Store™ Framework. The Framework is an integrated suite of technology, and servicesthat enable consumer products manufacturers to quickly identify and close gaps in e-commerce channel presence and performance, to grow online sales.eStoreMedia’ eCommerce Perfect Store™ solutions include: eStoreCheck, eStoreContent, eStoreJourney and eShopperReviewAnalysis. We work with the world’s largest FMCG, and consumer electronics brands (including P&G, L’Oréal, Nestlé and Philips) to help them succeed in the online channel. 

For more information, please visit http://www.estoremedia.com/

PRS IN VIVO is the World’s Expert in Packaging, Shopper Marketing and New Product Insights. We believe primarily in what people do rather than what they say. Real life purchase decisions are overwhelmingly behavioural rather than rational, and are greatly influenced by context. These core principles are reflected in all of our research methodologies and our entire way of thinking. With 40+ years of experience, we apply Behavioural Economics to FMCG & non-FMCG categories across a mix of different shopping environments, as well as the fast-expanding and exciting worlds of e-commerce and Nudge marketing.

For more information, please visit: https://www.prs-invivo.com/

Data Impact is a global analytics platform for FMCG brands. Our clients make strategic decisions and optimize execution based on our e-store data and AI algorithms.  World’s biggest brands trust our software to support them with daily insight into their market. We collect more than 4+ billion point-of-sale data in 25+ countries every day. 

We work with brands such as Unilever, PepsiCo, Mars, Modelez, L'oreal and more.

For more information, please visit https://dataimpact.io/

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Salsify combines content management, syndication and publishing, and digital shelf analytics into a unified product experience management (PXM) platform. The world’s leading brand manufacturers, including Coca-Cola, Bosch, GSK, Rawlings, and Fruit of the Loom, use Salsify every day to deliver the product experiences their consumers demand wherever they shop. Salsify is based in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Lisbon, Portugal, and Chicago, Illinois. 


For more information, please visit: https://www.salsify.com

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Threepipe is an independent and award winning agency that always delivers, bringing together the collective power of smart thinking, relationships and data. They direct customers to your brand, and your brand to customers, through paid, earned, shared and owned channels. Threepipe have the perfect combination of skills to help brands thrive in today’s fragmented media world, ever dominated by changing algorithms. They have brought together a team of social, design, SEO, paid media, analytics and PR experts to collaborate with some of the world’s most ambitious brands.


For more information, please visit: https://www.threepipe.co.uk/

Association Partners

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E-commerce Nation wants to be the meeting place of all e-merchants who want to learn more about their activities but also develop with the appropriate tools and knowledge. Some even call us "The E-commerce Bible"!

Since the beginning, we have a collaborative philosophy to develop the project. For us, it is important to give visibility to everyone through our site and to support the actors according to their needs.

For this, the E-commerce Nation team puts all its experience within this site. Thus, find advice, solutions but also practical cases to accompany you on topics such as e-commerce, logistics, online marketing or even distance selling.


​For more information, please visit https://www.ecommerce-nation.com/

The Ecommerce Club is the home for retail/e-commerce expertise, providing an environment where members can network, learn and thrive together. Qualifying members can join this peer-to-peer networking community for free.

Free membership of the Ecommerce Club is available to digital directors, heads of ecommerce, ecommerce managers, heads of customer journey, UX leads, CMOs, Marketing Directors/managers and other senior roles at retail businesses. 

​For more information, please visit http://www.ecommerceclub.org/

The Global Retail Alliance (GRA) makes up world’s largest and most representative retail industry network, providing the latest insights and delivering tailor made services that provide the fundamental insights needed to successfully navigate today’s increasingly complex business-to-shopper (B2S) environment.

The alliance comprises an interconnected, global network of retailers, brands, agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, design firms, management and consulting businesses, and academic institutions. Their mission is to inform about the changes influencing the outlook of retail markets, by educating, advocating, and building connections between members, through insights conducted from studies, conferences and summits, networking events, and recognition awards.

​For more information, please visit https://www.gra.world/ 

Europe has 45 countries, 28 of which are united in the European Union. All together these countries represent the world’s biggest ecommerce market having different languages, laws, cultures, customer behaviors, currencies and payment preferences. 

A study in 2013 by Accenture shows that only about 9% of all European ecommerce sales take place across national borders. Most customers aren’t eager to buy across the border, because they often don’t know if they could get a payment or return problem fixed. This is due to the language barriers and the different laws and regulations per country, and although the European Commission is working hard to blur these boundaries, it’s still an utopia. And that’s where Ecommerce News come in. They’ll try to keep all of you up-to-date with all the important European ecommerce news. Because Europe is a very vivid, varied and interesting region when it comes to ecommerce.

​For more information, please visit https://ecommercenews.eu/

Foreseeing future trends … whilst … Recognising today’s realities


The IORMA Consumer Commerce Centre is a neutral resource for Businesses and Governments that recognise a need to understand and respond to the ways in which the 7.5 billion global consumers are changing – in the products and services they want and need, and the ways they want to obtain them. These changes are happening globally, driven by developments in society, in business and in technology. The changes are important not only for all those dealing direct with consumers, but for Businesses at all places in supply networks and for Governments and Academia in preparing  for the future associated societal and economic impacts of these changes. IORMA Retail Futures brings together the best minds in digital retail with unprecedented tangible experience of what is driving change across the sector and what is going to happen next.

​For more information, please visit https://iorma.com/

The British Soft Drinks Association represents UK producers of soft drinks, including carbonated drinks, still and dilutable drinks, fruit juices and bottled waters. Membership includes the majority of Britain’s soft drinks manufacturers as well as franchisors, importers and suppliers to the UK soft drinks industry.

Their principle activity is to represent the interests of the soft drinks industry both at UK and European level, ensuring that the industry's perspective is always considered and the impact of regulations is fully understood. They provide a common view on the legal, technical and social issues concerning soft drinks to the media and political audiences. Their lobbying activities include the development and maintenance of links with MPs in Westminster as well as the governments in Scotland and Wales. They also work closely with AIJN (European Fruit Juice Association), UNESDA (European Beverage Association) and EFBW (European Federation of Bottled Waters) to ensure that the UK soft drinks industry's views are heard in Brussels and Strasbourg.


​For more information, please visit http://www.britishsoftdrinks.com/

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