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3. Data Impact Logo 3.png

An increasingly complex market has put consumers at the centre of an omnichannel environment. For brands to succeed in this new reality, an ecommerce strategy that harnesses the power of data analytics is essential. The Data Impact platform offers the most complete and accurate suite of tools in the industry. Every day we collect more than 120 billion data points, tracking more than 50,000 online stores in 60 countries. Our location-based analytics provide precision unequalled among analytics providers. Data Impact’s digital shelf monitoring, Amazon insights and eretail media tracking give actionable and accountable guidance. Our scalable data is AI-powered and provides granular insight for manufacturers that directly improves sales, visibility, share of assortment, distribution, tracking and category overview.

A new generation of ecommerce analytics.


For more information, please visit

2. Flywheel Logo.png

Flywheel Content Studio positions brands front and center on the digital shelf with a suite of tools and on-demand services for optimizing content that wins top position on multiple online retailers. By combining e-commerce search data and content optimization tools with software for content storage and syndication, Flywheel Content Studio’s Product Merchandising Platform helps CPG brands increase organic search visibility and conversions across multiple online retailers at scale.


For more information, please visit


Publicis Commerce stands out as a leading global digital commerce agency, dedicated to fuelling growth and innovation for brands within the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. Armed with a profound understanding of consumer behaviour, data analytics, and emerging technologies, Publicis Commerce crafts strategic solutions that flawlessly optimize the customer journey, elevate online experiences, and ultimately amplify sales across diverse digital platforms. Complemented by a team of seasoned experts, the agency offers end-to-end services, spanning from strategy and design to seamless implementation and continuous optimization, always tailored to fulfil the distinctive requirements of each brand. Anchored in a customer-centric approach and unwavering dedication to measurable results, Publicis Commerce confidently pioneers the future of e-commerce, ensuring resounding brand success.

For more information, please visit

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PriceSpider is reinventing the way brands conduct commerce by helping them deliver the shopping experience their customers demand. PriceSpider crawls thousands of ecommerce websites and marketplaces in near real-time to arm brands with actionable insights on consumer shopping behavior, which leads to maximum shoppability across every possible touchpoint and an optimized customer experience through digital shelf analytics. PriceSpider also helps the world’s brands, big and small, build long-lasting relationships with their shoppers, leading to more revenue and higher profit margins. For more information, please visit,

Gold Sponsors

similarweb logo.png

Similarweb is your gateway to unlocking a complete understanding of the digital world. Our platform, trusted by the biggest global brands, allows you to explore virtually any website, app, and industry worldwide. With our powerful tools and insights, you can gain an advantage and confidently navigate the digital landscape. Similarweb provides you with the resources to make informed business decisions and thrive in your market.


For more information please visit

5.ADVOX Logo.jpg

Advox Studio has over a decade of experience in eCommerce development with a focus on supporting B2B and B2C online sales in line with a 360-degree approach to eCommerce.
Pre-implementation analysis, design, solution implementation, emergency support - you can count on us in any situation. However, this is not all we have to offer. When you have us do the work, you can be sure that we will build a customized eCommerce architecture tailored perfectly to the needs of your business by combining the platform engine and external integrations (ERP, PIM, microservices, etc.) into a seamless whole.
As a certified partner of Adobe, Scandi PWA, and Salesforce, Advox has already completed more than 200 projects for eCommerce from various industries.

For more information please visit

7. estoremedia logo.jpg

We connect brands, e‑retailers and agencies with data, technology and analytical expertise to optimize growth in e‑commerce. As a technology‑oriented company we provide product manufacturers with SaaS to maximize e‑commerce sales. It is the only integrated suite of eStore Shelf Analytics, Product Information Management and Al‑based research methodologies.

For more information, please visit,

Silver Sponsor

CommerceIQ is the leading REM platform for brands to plan, monitor, and grow their eCommerce businesses across 750+ global retailers. Its unified platform integrates sales, operations, retail media, content management, and digital shelf optimization. Trusted by 2,200+ brands like Nestle, Colgate, and Whirlpool, CommerceIQ drives efficiency and delivers measurable sales impact on platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Instacart.
 Learn more at

9. Brand Nudge Logo.png

Brand Nudge is a global brand analytics platform on a mission to help brands to win online. The Brand Nudge platform covers all aspects of the digital shelf and was created by experienced FMCG leaders. Know more to sell more. 
 Learn more at

Bronze Sponsors

9.1 Shalion Logo.png

At Shalion, we make growth simple for global brands looking to win the lion’s share in eCommerce. We go beyond traditional Digital Shelf analytics, with our integrated solution we also help our clients measure the success of their eRetail Media campaigns by monitoring their Ads, Search results (organic or paid), their share of shelf and promotional activity across the top retailer sites worldwide. Our flexibility and experienced team allow us to adapt fast to the evolving landscape and that’s why we are proud to say we launch new features every month, like our innovative solutions to monitor Q-Commerce Apps and Amazon Market Share. 

For more information please visit

12. Brainlabs Logo.png

Brainlabs is a leading global digital media agency. We’re AMC certified and not only experts in retail media but paid search, programmatic, paid social, SEO, CRO, influencer marketing and analytics too.

We plan and optimize all media through our unique, data-led, tech-enabled, test and learn approach, resulting in high performance client campaigns recognised as the best in the industry.


Company URL:

10. MinsterFb Logo.png

MinsterFB are a results-driven full-service agency with a bias for action and a clear understanding of the levers for growth on Amazon. We support clients with every Amazon touchpoint from commercial agreements to inbound to ideal listings to demand generation and more, operating Amazon markets across the globe.  If you're looking for a comprehensive service with your growth on Amazon as top priority, let's talk!.

Established in 2011 MinsterFB are a Verified Amazon ads partner and a BCorp, based in the UK with an international reach.


For more information please visit:

11. Vistex Logo-jpg.jpg

Vistex offers a comprehensive Revenue Growth Management solution to optimize and manage Prices, Promotions, Contracts, and Deals across all your different channels. 


Mainly focused on the online channel, market insights and competitive pricing, Vistex allows manufacturers and retailers to track global prices, promotions and assortments of millions of competitor products and to turn this information into actionable insights. 


Let Vistex help you to predict the spread of global trends and react to competitors, adapt your product portfolio and prices to meet demand and boost sales, launch new products at the optimal price and compete on the market with the right mix of promotions. 



Company url:

13. eClerx Logo.png

eClerx Digital is the trusted partner of choice to many of the world’s largest global brands for creative production, ecommerce/web operations, and analytics and insights services. We help clients maximize the results of their digital activities across the customer journey. We complement existing capabilities through data analytics and marketing support. Global industry leaders partner with us to cost-effectively scale their digital activities by leveraging our highly-skilled and blended resource model.

Company URL:

14. CheckoutSmart Logo.png

We are the UK’s leading provider of consumer ratings & reviews across Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Boots, Superdrug and more. We use our patent pending solution to deliver genuine 100% verified purchase reviews, directly onto retailer websites, giving a permanent improvement in sales. Come and talk to us to see how we can help you get more reviews exactly where you need them fast (even before Christmas).

Company URL:

15. Snappy Shopper Logo.png

Snappy Shopper is the market leader in the growing Q-commerce convenience grocery sector. In addition to our independent retailers, we serve most of the major convenience store players, including Spar, Nisa, Premier and Booker. Snappy Shopper exists to enable local high street businesses to supply to their customers online so that local communities thrive, and revenue stays local.


Having successfully delivered over 50 million products, Snappy Shopper's extensive reach aligns perfectly with brands' goals of securing digital shelf space and driving retail sales.

Company URL :

16. Logo.png is a full-service interactive video & CTV advertising platform that allows brands to bridge the gap between awareness and action, and extend the impact of a TV ad across other devices in a household.


Combining our unique creative units, audience data and attention-focused buying model, we deliver reach, engagement and lower-funnel outcomes for Retail and FMCG advertisers globally, supported by 3rd party ad verification and measurement tools.


We have over 20 years of global experience with brands incl. Danone, Coca Cola and Walmart, and dedicated industry vertical teams to drive real marketing results for your brand. Feel free to get in touch and we'll build a free VDX mock-up for you with any video asset you have available!

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